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What some people have said about us

Sue, Cornwall - kitchen enthusiast 
"Before Richard sharpened our knives we struggled for years. Now we have razor sharp knives and our lives have been transformed. We have seen the light and will be back soon. Thank you Richard.

Lynne, Exeter
"Thank you for sharpening my mothers old scissors they are now better than new and well and truly re-cycled. You must be a wizard.

Colin, Oxford - Kitchen enthusiast
Excellent, thorough, conscientious. I cannot recommend this service too highly.

Chiara Martin, Bude - Hairstylist and kitchen enthusiast
Fantastically sharp knives and hairdressing scissors! Wow! My Sabatier knife-set is dangerously sharp, keep well out of reach of children!!! Thankyou Richard.

Clive, Exeter
The knives are great, thankyou.

Alex, Exeter
Just tried the razor, perfect. Thanks very much.

Jane, Exminster
All my knives and scissors are a joy to use now, sharpened to perfection and a very quick and friendly service, thankyou.

Caroline, Budleigh Salterton - Hairstylist
My hairscissors are fab!...thanks.

Alison, Exeter - Hairstylist
Just to let you know my hairscissors are fab, thankyou very much. I'm gonna call the people who recommended you to me and let them know also.Thankyou again.

Jo, Exeter - Chef
Thankyou Richard, for an excellent service in sharpening my prized chefs knives.Your personal touch and care were evident from first contact and I am now happy in the kitchen with super-sharp shiny knives.

Mrs. D, Exeter
I gave you my old knife with end snapped-off and got a perfect, rebuilt, sharp knife back.Amazing, see you soon with everything else in the house that could do with the same treatment.

Min-ju Wu
Now my TOPS Cuma Takri is even sharper, thanks a bunch!

Bruce, Torquay - Hairdresser
I can thoroughly recommend Richard  who has sharpened my hairdressing scissors on more than one occasion. He provides an excellent service and takes the utmost pride and care in his work. Richard services the scissors  whilst sharpening them. If you have any questions he will answer them honestly and carefully. I am so pleased with his work that I make a special visit to Exeter each time to get my scissors sharpened and recommend  Richard to any  of my freinds and colleagues without hesitation. Thankyou Richard, I look forward to seeing you again.

Thankyou Richard for sharpening the scissors and for supplying a pair you have renovated. The scissors are going to help to set up sewing and hairdressing projects in Yala, Kenya. The people there are desperately poor and this will help them to feed their children.
A special thanks to Sarah the barber of Crediton, who generously donated 4pr. hairdressing scissors to the project via Exeter Sharpening.

Ann, nr. Exeter - specialist in the kitchen
Used all knives this morning,soups,pies,etc.The knives are just superb!

Anna, Exeter - Hairstylist
Thankyou very much for sharpening our scissors, they feel like new. Have and will recommend you to many others in my trade.

Vicky, Exeter area - Dog groomer
My scissors are brilliant, thankyou very much.

Heather, Exeter - Gardener
The tools are all marvelous and work really well. The garden looks so much better. Regards Heather.

Naomi, Tiverton - Hairstylist
Was amazed at how sharp my scissors were after collecting them, they wouldn't cut through hair and now it feels like I have a brand new pair of professional scissors. Very professional personally and great hospitality, would recommend to anyone. I haven't had my scissors sharpened in 8 years, now I feel I can work again with ease and confidence. Very impressed, see you in 12 weeks for a re-sharp. Thanks

Martin, Devon - Hospital professional
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my knives after they were sharpened.
I bought some good quality knives as I wanted sharp blades that stayed sharp. I work in a surgical role in a hospital, so know the value of a keen blade. I'm convinced that after Richard sharpened my knives they're sharper than when I bought them, money well spent, thank you.

Mark, Hemel Hempstead
Just sat down after our sunday meal of roast beef. Excellent, complimented by the quality of the carving, which was only possible by the excellence of the knife blade-hand washed in soapy water prior to use. My very best wishes to you. 

Sarah, Jersey - Dog groomer
My scissors are just great, thanks.

Laura, Exeter
I've just used the knives and they're better than new!! Thank you so much, I will be recommending you to everyone, see you in 6 months. All the best, Laura.

Chris, Chudleigh - Hospital professional
My straight edge razor. It's absolutely spot-on and providing a great shave, yet again, with no drag or razor burn at all.

Andrew, Exeter - Operating theatre professional
Found an old knife that belonged to my father, but was ruined. Richard restored this beautifully, keeping its old character and giving it a very sharp edge. Thank you.

Caroline, Powderham - Horticulturalist
My secateurs & shears are like new! A very quick, reliable & friendly service and excellent value. Very many thanks.

Angela, Hertfordshire - Furniture upholsterer / curtain & drapes maker              
Many thanks, a beautiful job

Brenda, Newbury, Berkshire                                                                                         Thank you for the scissors, which arrived today, they are excellent. I can get started cutting and snipping this afternoon.

Walter and Ruth, Baden Wurtemberg, Germany                                                
Scharfe Messer....die Messer sind sehr sehr gut geschliffen, das sind wir so gar nicht gewohnt! Walter ist ganz begeistert! Sharp Knives....the knives are sharpened very very well, we are not used to this! Walter is amazed

Dovo, Black Star                                                                                                         
Had a shave with my razor this morning, it was absolutely stellar, a real joy to use, thank you so much. Best wishes Chris. 

Kamasori razor                                                                                                          
Shaved this morning and it was beautiful and smooth, just lovely. Many thanks.                                                           

Nathan, Devon, Kukri Knife                                                                                  
Fantastic service, recommend to all. Thanks.

Gemma, Exeter - Hairstylist                                                                                         

I'm so pleased to have my scissors serviced with absolute perfection and knowledge, I couldn't be happier. I have recommended Richard to my colleagues, thanks so much.

                                                                                                                                             Walter and Ruth, Baden Wurtemberg, Germany                                            
Translation: For a long time we wondered what to do with our old and treasured dinner knives, which were blunt. In September 2015 we came to England and visited Richard and Caroline, bringing our knives for repair. With his sharpening expertise Richard restored the knives, which now cut as new. We are both amazed and recommend this firm in the highest order.

Allan, Exeter - Chef                                                                                               
Thanks again for doing a superb job sharpening my knives.

Alan, Moretonhampstead / London - Former Chef
Hi, you sharpened my knives earlier today which I'm using now,   just wanted you to know I'm speechless. Thankyou.

Scott, Newton Abbot - Straight Razor and Wood Plane blade
Exeter sharpening responded to my query within the hour! I'm amazed how sharp my razor is now. Richard also suggested that I get my own whetstones in order to maintain the blade edge regularly.
Small wood plane blade - the blade is sharper now than when I bought it new, leaving the wood surface as smooth as a glass top.
Great guy and brilliant work, cheers mate 10/10.

Glen, Somerset - Barber
Rich my scissors are cutting beautifully...see you between Xmas and New Year.

Bertie, Exeter - Chef
Hi Richard, Perfect!

Alison, Exeter - Hairstylist
Thanks so much for doing my scissors and bringing them back to me, just used them and they're like new. Another pleased customer.

JB, Exeter - Lecturer
Really sharp! Thanks!!

Karen, Paris, France
Fantastic job on my left handed pinking shears. Thanks

Clinton, Barber - Teignmouth
We are using these scissors you have just done, they are very well done for us once again. Many thanks, Clint.

Evie, Hairstylist - West Devon
Hi Richard, my scissors are perfect thank you very much! My colleague is  
really pleased with hers too, just wanted to say thank you for doing a great job!

Sharon - Exeter
Wow my kitchen knives had a new lease of life at a competative price. Better than having to replace them all! I was unaware of how blunt they previously were. Thank you Richard for your considered and careful approach as well as the advice on future care of my set of kitchen knives.

Michaela, Exeter / Paignton - Hairstylist
Hi Richard, you sharpened my scissors last week and I just want to say 
they're perfect, better than new! Thank you. I'll be bringing you 3 more pairs
soon from my boss in Paignton. Hope you are well. 

Alison, Hairstylist - Exeter
Good morning, sorry for the early message! My scissors are lovely, I am so very pleased with them, also the clipper blades you sharpened are perfect too. Thank you.

Marc & Zoe - Artists, Germany
Hey Richard! This is Marc. We thank you for sharpening and sending us our scissors. Greetings from Marc und Zoe

Adrian, Gardener - Exeter
Hi Richard. Loving the tools!! They are a joy to use. Thanks Adrian.

Greta, textiles - Exeter
Richard, both of my scissors cut perfectly! I'm really chuffed with them. I've not used the little pair for quite a few years now and it's nice to be able to use them again. Thank you so much for resuscitating my scissors, I really appreciate it! Greta

John - Exeter
Thanks for doing the scissors, they are perfect, just like new. Regards John

Rob -  Exeter
Hi Richard, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Wow I can't believe how sharp the tools are, they weren't that good new. I am really impressed. Rob   

Ollie, Hairdresser - Exeter 
I've tried my scissors and can't tell you how impressed I am. They've never cut so well-even when they were new! You've done an absolute magic and absolutely exeeded my expectations. I am so very grateful, thank you very much indeed.

Maria, Hairdresser - Exeter
My scissors are lovely. Many thanks Richard.

From a customer - Exeter
Mark gave  me your number so I could say thank you very much for getting my scissors done. They are fabulous. Am very pleased to have them sharp again. From a lady who's had the scissors for over 60 years.

Pearl - Hairdresser - Exeter
Hi Richard, just wanted to say thank you for doing my scissors at such short notice. I'm extremely happy with all three pairs. It's like having new scissors again. So thank you very much. Best wishes, Pearl

​​​​Tia - Hairdresser- Exeter
Thank you so much for doing my scissors, you've put a hairdressers mind at ease, I was lost without them today..

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