Notice to Customers

In 2010 Devon and Cornwall Police advised that a bogus sharpener was approaching hairdressing salons and damaging equipment entrusted for sharpening.

We believe there may be other instances of poor sharpening involving tools and knives.   

July 2013 - During recent weeks we have been called to a hairdressing salon, to  repair shoddy work carried out by a sharpening firm acting in the Torbay area. This same firm have also been active in the Exeter area. We have  been contacted for information regarding our services by prospective customers that we suspect are not who they pertain to be. We would like to reaffirm the above statement regarding  persons who have no affiliation to Exeter Sharpening and request that any clients not already known to us make contact via our tel. no. on the Home page, or by email through this site prior to arranging for work to be carried out. 
November 2014 - Expensive Kasho scissors were damaged at a leading Exeter City hairdressing salon due to deficient sharpening by someone offering an 'in-salon' sharpening service. Please be aware of this!
October 2015 -  We have been advised that a sharpening scam is underway!This involves sending work by post. Exact details are unclear at this time. All customers please check with whoever you choose to send your sharpening work to, that this is where you actually want it to go. Please ensure that adequate postal insurance is taken to cover losses or damage. 
We'd like to stress that Richard and his wife are the only people involved in Exeter Sharpening ( and Richard is the only Sharpener. 

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